Mentor Membership Application (1:1 Coaching)

Mentor Membership Application (1:1 Coaching)

Are you ready to feel more confident in your mobility? Ready to know the best exercises to do on a day-to-day basis to improve your strength, balance, stamina, and energy? I'll help you become confident, empowered, and hopeful, regardless of the type of MS you have, while you see real changes in your daily function!

I personalize an exercise program and symptom management strategies that work for you and the goals you're working toward.

I'm your one-stop, cheerleading, MS-specific exercise source to get all the factual neuroplasticity and functional exercise information, beginning now!

1:1 coaching is for you if you want to...

★  Know which exercises to do to reach your goals

★ Personalized support with consistent tweaking to your program as you get stronger

★ Increased day-to-day energy, stamina, & strength

★ Feel more like yourself in your body and your mindset

★ Improve your walking, balance, strength, stamina and energy

In my 1:1 coaching through the Mentor Membership, you'll get access to:

✓ 3 months of biweekly Zoom calls (6 calls total)

✓ Between-call access on Voxer (send DM's and voice messages) Monday - Friday

✓ Access to The MSing Link online wellness program (3 month access)

✓ Access to my MS-Specific Exercise Class archive (3 month access)

✓ Access to any other offers I have (including new launches) during our work together (3 month access)

Your investment is $4,200 when paid in full or three monthly payments of $1,450

After applying, you'll receive a DM from me (or email, if you didn't provide an Instagram handle) within 3-4 days where I'll answer any questions you have about working together 1:1 and what this coaching program will look like for you - to ensure it's a good fit for us to work together!
If this isn't the right fit, you will be directed to an offer that is. 
*for transparency if I don't hear back within 48 hours, I'll reach out to the next applicant*


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What symptoms do you struggle with the most? List as many as you'd like:

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What day-to-day activities are challenging for you because of your MS symptoms?

For example: walking around in your home, walking outdoors, getting dressed, showering, standing long enough to cook a meal, etc. Get specific!

Question 5 of 10

What goals are you working towards (ie. improved strength, reduced fatigue, better balance, etc.)? What changes would you like to see?

Question 6 of 10

What is your current level of motivation to exercise?


I'm not motivated at all - please help!


Some days I'm motivated, others I'm not.


Mostly motivated.


Very motivated! I'm very accountable to my exercises on my own.

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How does it feel to know you no longer have to walk through this alone and will be fully support and guided in your journey ahead?

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Please provide your instagram account handle, if you use instagram.

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Please provide the url to your Facebook page (so I can reach out via DM's), if you use Facebook.
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Where are you in your journey towards exercising to improve your strength, walking, fatigue, mobility, etc?

The investment is $4,200 when paid in full or three monthly payments of $1,450 


I'm ready and I want to pay in full!


I'm ready and I want to pay in monthly installments!


I'm not sure yet - I have some questions!


I'm not ready for THIS investment, but am ready to invest in a less expensive offer that will help me!


I'm not ready; just looking for as much free information as possible!

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