Random Acts of Kindness 💌

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness Week? It begins on February 17th (this past Monday) - February 23rd! I know how much joy I find in treating those I hold dear with small tokens of my appreciation and love for them, so I thought what better way to celebrate even more than by passing on some easy and meaningful ways we can all show some kindness to those in our lives and beyond! 

                Start simply: 

1) Text a family member or friend letting them know how much you appreciate them in one way or the other. An out of the blue message can do wonders for a person's spirit! 

2) Leave a kind comment on someone's social media post, especially if it is a post that can leave someone feeling vulnerable. Ie: a transformation post, a parenting dilemma or a fellow spoonie's struggle

3) Know a friend who is down with a sickness? Put together a small care package of tissues, medicine, soup, crossword, or anything you feel appropriate and drop it outside their door. Or use PostMates Delivery to surprise them if you are having a low energy day.

4) Leave a positive review on LinkedIn or Yelp for a service you have used recently. It's a great way to give a lift to a business and keep them motivated, especially small businesses.

5) Share an uplifting/empowering song! Share the meaning of it to you or just the song, either way it's sure to brighten someone's day. 
               Go a little bigger: 

6) Went through the drive-thru for coffee this morning? Pay for the person's order behind you.

7)  Use the app Be My Eyes and help someone who is visually impaired. It may be putting an outfit together, checking an expiration date or something else that we may simply take for granted.
8) Do you have a dog? Download the app Wooftrax and the app will donate to animals in need each time you & your pup go for a walk.

9) Mentor someone online using FindAMentor or MicroMentor. 

10) Use the Tab For A Cause browser that donates to charity for each tab you open! 

All of these things can be done from the comfort of your own home, and from your computer or smartphone!
 Simple acts, yet they can monumentally impact someone's day and uplift their mood!

I hope these have inspired you to participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week with me! And that you have some wonderful acts of kindness bestowed upon you this week as well!

All my best,
Dr. Gretchen


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