Free 5 Day MS Strength Challenge

Get ready to feel stronger, walk better, and feel more energized!

In this 5 Day Challenge, you'll learn:

★ How you can use neuroplasticity to increase your strength and improve your mobility!

★ Various functional exercises to improve specific activities (ie. walking, stair climbing, getting out of a car, etc.)

★ How much time you should be committing to exercising with MS in order to see a difference.

★ How to fit your MS-specific exercises into your day

★ How to stay consistent with your exercise routine.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Gretchen's 5 Day MS Strength Challenge has helped me understand that I can effect change in my MS with exercise. Previous physical therapists who didn't specialize in MS encouraged exercises, but didn't explain the "why" behind each one [like Dr. Gretchen does] and didn't seem hopeful that I would see improvement after they had helped me a little while. I've been practicing Dr. Gretchen's exercises and have noticed improved movement in my ankles and with walking!


The 5 Day MS Strength Challenge has given me so much knowledge and understanding to how exercise works, and how to move with intention, learning about neuroplasticity and having a better understanding!



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