"Dr. Gretchen Hawley is truly one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in the multiple sclerosis field.  With her help, I have made tremendous progress in dealing with my daily challenges.  She has honestly given me the tools needed to improve my walking and balance, two of my biggest struggles.  Her videos give everyone dealing with MS the opportunity to experience her expertise and enthusiasm as if she was personally working with them one on one.  I would recommend her video series to anyone dealing with MS." -- K.C.


"I have made more progress (walking, balance, learning to stand from a wheelchair) in 3 months than in the last 3 years. The attention you get is specifically designed for you and your abilities.  Gretchen was specifically recommended by my MS physician. I can feel the improvement!!!" -- R.G.


"Having Multiple Sclerosis for 40 years now has been somewhat of a challenge.  My balance along with weakness in my legs and hands started to take a toll on me.  I wasn't happy with the way I was feeling so I asked my MS Neurologist for advise. He suggested some Physical Therapy with Gretchen. I was very impressed with her knowledge of MS and her ability to physically help me.  Her skillful teaching methods along with my hard work has helped me regain my balance and I am now walking much better again.  " -- E.T.


"Gretchen Hawley is amazing. I've had physical therapy before, but it was nothing like what I've experienced with Gretchen. The series of exercises she suggested were targeted specifically at walking, flat surfaces and stairs. Gretchen coached me through exercises that worked the major muscles AND the micro muscles (many which I hadn't known existed) AND in context of the movement I aspired to improve. Many of the exercises were in the context of walking or climbing stairs; for those that weren't, she explained  how we were targeting how muscles worked together. She even introduced cognitive exercises to accompany the physical work. Physical Therapy with Gretchen soars above the physical therapy I had a few years ago for the same issues." - B.G.


"Gretchen is professional, knowledgeable, and very caring.  If I'm having difficulty with an exercise, she finds a way to modify it so I can be successful.  I appreciate her knowledge and experience specifically with Multiple Sclerosis patients.  She understands how spasticity and fatigue can impact how I move, and knows how to design a program that works for me." -- D.G.


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