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You CAN do this. Learn the strategies. Gain more energy. Get stronger. Participate in life more fully!


Enroll in The MSing Link GAME CHANGERS course.

Learn: How to reduce fatigue & get stronger through neuroplasticity; Specific exercise parameters to improve your strength, balance, & walking; Common bad habits that are impeding your success.


Learn how to create -or recreate- STRONGER nerve connections to improve your strength!

How to Exercise Effectively

You MUST perform specific exercises in a very specific way in order to improve your strength, balance, and walking. Learn those strategies in this program!

Stop Doing These Bad Habits

You're likely performing these bad habits without even knowing it... and they'll PREVENT you from improving - no matter how much exercise you do... so learn what they are and STOP doing them immediately.

"Doctor Gretchen is a wonderfully enthusiastic physical therapist specializing in treating MS. MSing Link Game Changers is her virtual portal where she shares her knowledge & empowers you to exercise in the RIGHT way to actually get stronger. Thank you for this wonderful site, Dr. Gretchen. Your positive, can-do attitude is contagious. This program is a must have!"

- Miranda K.
The MSing Link Game Changers Member

Ready to jump ALL IN to the full program: The MSing Link Virtual Physical Therapy?!

Register now to get access to the content above + the exact MS-specific exercises you need to get stronger, better balance, more flexibility, and improved walking PLUS monthly guest speakers, research updates, activity-specific exercises, AND a 1:1 call with me.

"Doctor Gretchen is truly an entrepreneur in the field of MS Physical Therapy. I first met her three months ago and it was life changing. I have been active all my life but as someone with 34 years "time in grade" with MS, someone who now uses a rollator, and someone who has transitioned to Secondary Progressive MS, I desperately needed to kick my exercise routine up a notch. And then I was referred to Gretchen. She get's it. She understood everything I questioned. She not only gave me a routine that was acceptable and achievable, but she gave me a new hope of what was possible. Doctor Gretchen was truly a find for me. Her website is now available 24 hours and has more tools than I ever could have imagined: exercises, expert videos, guest speakers, and research updates... all without having to leave your home. I can't say enough about this program and suggest you give it a chance. You won't regret."

- Susanne C.
The MSing Link Member

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