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Dr. Gretchen Hawley is a licensed Physical Therapist & MS Specialist in:

New York



If you live in any of these states, Dr. Gretchen can evaluate & treat your weaknesses and other symptoms specific to your MS in addition to the bulleted points below.

If you live outside of these states, Dr. Gretchen is unable to provide physical therapy services to you, however she is able to educate you on:

★ Various ways to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and walking

★ Exercise parameters specific to people living with MS

★ Neuroplasticity & other MS-based research

★ Common reasons for weakness caused by MS

★ How to improve your quality of life and independence

★ BONUS: get a behind-the-scenes look into The MSing Link, online MS wellness program

You're sure to feel more energized, in charge, and hopeful!

Calls are available via telephone (if living in the U.S.) or virtual meeting via Zoom (required for those living outside the U.S.)

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Rose G.

"Living in a regional area limits my access to professionals like Dr. Gretchen.  I am now able to access someone with specific MS knowledge in my home. Invaluable." 

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Patricia G.

"I enjoyed my 1:1 call with Dr. Gretchen! She gave me a lot of insight and information I hadn't gotten from my own therapy sessions. I've applied and done some of the exercises we discussed and I am happy to say that my walking, balance and back have improved."

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