110. Speech & Language Pathology for MS w/ Pamela Miller, SLP

Season #1

Join me today as I sit down with guest, Pamela Miller, M.A., C.C.C.-SLP. She shares with us valuable knowledge, and tips on how speech can be affected by MS, as well as swallowing. And how a speech language pathologist, like herself, would be able to help!

Pamela Miller is a speech language pathologist practicing in DENVER, CO. Pamela specializes in speech, language and swallowing disorders in patients. As a speech language pathologist, Pamela evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients with communication and swallowing troubles. These conditions may be due to developmental delay, brain injury, hearing loss, autism, stroke or other diseases and injuries. Pamela helps patients make sounds and improve their voices through various methods. Speech language pathologists also work with patients to strengthen muscles used to speak and swallow, and work with individuals and families to help cope with their conditions.


Resources Mentioned in Episode:

National MS Society: https://www.nationalmssociety.org/

Can Do MS: https://www.cando-ms.org/ 

Consortium of MS Centers: https://www.mscare.org/ 


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