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112. Prioritize Yourself, Not MS w/ Dawnmarie Deshaies

Season #1

Join me today as I sit down with Dawnmarie as we chat about different ways she has found to focus on the positivity the world can hold despite it's trials and tribulations.

Dawnmarie is an author, writer, producer, actress, model and founder and CEO of global advocacy company, Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit, LLC. She has two movie projects, a documentary on life with Multiple Sclerosis based on a true story. Second is Bobcat Moretti. Bobcat Moretti is a heart-wrenching drama about an obese MS patient who takes up his late father’s sport of boxing to overcome immense personal tragedy and find peace. The writer and male lead, Tim Realbuto, has a mission to create an inspirational narrative to accompany his real-life weight loss journey through boxing.

Dawnmarie’s personal journey, and personal health battles and emotional struggles were the fuel for Dawnmarie Deshaies to start the global advocacy and wellness brand Dawnmariehealthyandfit, LLC. For decades she has lived with and suffered from a chronic autoimmune disease that impacted her life in many different ways.

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