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116. Healing MS Symptoms Through Awareness w/ Matt Rowe

Season #1

Tune in today as I sit down with Matt Rowe as he shares with us how raised stress levels can impact our minds, and bodies. But, better yet...he shares his powerful way of reframing stressful situations which has not only helped in his healing journey with MS, but also can be applied to any situation in life!


Matt Rowe,  is the Author of Belief to Heal, a Certified Health Coach, meditation and Reiki practitioner, TEDx speaker, and father of two. 

After earning the designation of an All-American Triathlete in 2007 he paralyzed his right leg and then in 2010, healed himself from the paralyzed leg to finish the infamous Ironman triathlon. 

Matt has also reversed the daily affliction of 25-30 TIAs (also known as “mini-strokes”), and recovered from debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) to live his best life. He is the founder of Identity of Health wellness coaching, founder of the Symptom Free MS Summit and Symposium and hosts the Identity of Health podcast. A lover of Self and life, Matt lives in Colorado and travels internationally to speak on Belief, healing, and possibility.


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