Calling All 🥄 Spoonies!

This post is all about retaining & conserving your energy while also being able to get your grocery trip in! Trips to the store can be draining, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.   Luckily, services are becoming more and more popular that take the legwork out of getting what you need.

For example:



 Fresh Direct

These sites are like the pizza delivery of grocery shopping and they have numerous stores their shoppers will shop for you! Hop on the site, select what you'd like, pay with your card and have your groceries delivered straight to your FRONT DOOR!

And now, more and more grocery stores are hopping on the bandwagon and offering curbside pickup at the store. The stores listed below will have your items waiting for you so you can avoid the long trips up and down the aisles.


 Giant Eagle



 Food Lion


You could also go the subscription box...

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