How to Walk Safe in the Rain ☔️

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

It’s raining cats & dogs here in Maine today so I wanted to give you tips for walking safe in the rain!
1 - Using a cane in the rain can be very dangerous (especially if you are putting a lot of weight through it). They slip easily . If possible, using a steadier assistive device, like a walker or rollator.
2 - Walk slower & look down to see where you are placing your feet & cane!
3 - Make sure you are placing the cane fully FLAT on the ground. This will give you the •MOST stability•... Don’t place the back end on the ground then roll it forward as you step through.
Capeesh? COMMENT BELOW if you use an assistive device ((and which one you use ‍)) & if you find these tips helpful!!

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Calling All 🥄 Spoonies!

This post is all about retaining & conserving your energy while also being able to get your grocery trip in! Trips to the store can be draining, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.   Luckily, services are becoming more and more popular that take the legwork out of getting what you need.

For example:



 Fresh Direct

These sites are like the pizza delivery of grocery shopping and they have numerous stores their shoppers will shop for you! Hop on the site, select what you'd like, pay with your card and have your groceries delivered straight to your FRONT DOOR!

And now, more and more grocery stores are hopping on the bandwagon and offering curbside pickup at the store. The stores listed below will have your items waiting for you so you can avoid the long trips up and down the aisles.


 Giant Eagle



 Food Lion


You could also go the subscription box...

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3 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm

inspiration Nov 01, 2019

‘Tis the season of giving, so I thought I’d give you, my dear friend, the gift of KNOWLEDGE -- I know you’re going to find it helpful!
Today, I wanted to give you THREE tips on reducing the feeling of OVERWHELM as the holidays approach:
1 Plan your day(s) - Know what time(s) you need to be on your A game & allow enough time to prepare!
2 Schedule breaks - whether you’re napping or just sitting in silence; scheduling breaks multiple times throughout the day will reduce fatigue ‍ & improve mental clarity.
3 Make time for gratitude - Focus on ONE thing that brings you so much joy that you start to smile just thinking about it! Do this several times throughout each day.
Okay.... one more because I can’t help myself:
4 Ask for help! Don’t try to be Superwoman/Superman ‍‍ .
What questions do you have for me?

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