3 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm 🤯

inspiration motivation Dec 05, 2019

‘Tis the season of giving, so I thought I’d give you, my dear friend, the gift of KNOWLEDGE -- I know you’re going to find it helpful!
Today, I wanted to give you THREE tips on reducing the feeling of OVERWHELM as the holidays approach:
1. Plan your day(s) - Know what time(s) you need to be on your A game & allow enough time to prepare!
2. Schedule breaks - whether you’re napping or just sitting in silence; scheduling breaks multiple times throughout the day will reduce fatigue ‍ & improve mental clarity.
3. Make time for gratitude - Focus on ONE thing that brings you so much joy that you start to smile just thinking about it! Do this several times throughout each day.
Okay.... one more because I can’t help myself:
4. Ask for help! Don’t try to be Superwoman/Superman ‍‍ .

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