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exercise Jan 01, 2020

How to *Train Your Brain* to Improve your Strength & Energy!

Have you heard of Neuroplasticity? It is extremely important to not only understand what it is, but also it's impact on YOU!

Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to create NEW pathways for a movement to occur! This means that whether you have NO movement, or little movement, your brain is able to create a new neural pathway from your brain to the muscle.

This new pathway means increased strength in the muscle! The way to get neuroplasticity to work is by consistent repetition. Aka: practice practice practice!

> > > Watch this video to learn the nitty gritty about Neuroplasticity & how you can start utilizing this strategy TODAY to improve your strength & energy!

Thank you for watching! I hope you are feeling more inspired & ready to conquer your life with MS!

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The Scientific 7 Minute Workout ⏰

exercise Dec 24, 2019

Here in the states, we are smack in the middle of the holiday season! It's a lovely time of year, but also one of the BUSIEST times! The days are shorter and the list of to-do's gets longer!

Some may be wondering how they're going to keep up with all the commotion as well as fit in their exercise routine during this busy time. But, it's becoming more and more obvious (& clinically proven) just how much exercise plays a role in helping decrease MS symptoms! Whereas others might be able to get away with a few skipped workouts during busy times, most cannot afford to.

Have you ever heard of the "Scientific 7 Minute Workout"? It's a full body workout scientifically put together in order to allow all the muscle groups to be activated in a short time span! This combination of exercises allows your upper body to "rest" while your lower half exerts energy and vice versa. Below, is the link to view the blog post & the exercises, posted by The New York Times:


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