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Get Stronger in The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Improved strength, energy, balance, and walking are within your reach through a Home Physical Therapy Visit with Dr. Gretchen, DPT!

*Only available in Western, New York and Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

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Home Visits are currently available in:

  • New York (Western NY: Buffalo, Rochester)
  • Massachusetts (Greater Boston Area)

Dr. Gretchen, physical therapist, takes the hassle out of getting to a physical therapy clinic by coming TO YOU!

You no longer need to worry about HOW you're going to get to your appointment, what the weather will be like that may impede your travels, or if you'll be having a "good" or "bad" day.

★ Evaluate your movement & walking

★ Demonstrate & explain targeted  exercises based on your specific weaknesses and limitations

★ Give you strategies to manage your worst MS symptoms

★ Teach techniques to help you best move around your home: transfers from out of bed/chair, walking, stair climbing, etc.

★ Answer all of your questions

★ So much more!

You're sure to feel more energized, stronger, in charge, and hopeful!

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"Gretchen Hawley is an EXCEPTIONAL physical therapist for people with MS.  Figuring out how to move better—or at all—is my number one challenge, and no one has come close to offering more practical and helpful suggestions than Gretchen.  Gretchen really understands how MS affects movement and how to combat its effects with extremely doable exercises.  Gretchen has come to our house monthly for about 6 months now and has added a ton of value with every visit.  Her visits also are incredibly efficient and tailored to our needs.  We open the door, visit a bit, and then get started, working at a pace that suits us for as long as suits us.  Finding Gretchen really was like finding the needle in the haystack.  Thank you, Gretchen!!!"

- Client and her Husband, Cambridge, MA

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"I have greatly benefited from ‘Home Visits’ with Dr. Gretchen. By providing therapy in a home environment, Gretchen can be sure that her instructions have immediate relevance. For example, she can personalize her instruction as to how I can effectively position myself on my living room sofa or chair for doing stretching and strengthening exercises, or making adjustments to my posture when working at the kitchen sink. Gretchen’s knowledge and care has resulted in me having increased mobility and decreased pain."

- Client, Boston, MA

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