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The MSing Link - Online Wellness Program

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Rhiannon L.

"The genuine interest Dr. G shows each of her members is impressive. She is inclusive to all members, whether they are MS patients or not, like myself. This is more than an exercise program, it’s a community of support to help each member to not just improve their physical symptoms, but their mental and emotional well-being too."

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Susanne C.

"Dr. Gretchen get's it. She understood everything I questioned. She not only gave me a routine that was acceptable and achievable, but she gave me a new hope of what was possible."

Multiple Sclerosis Strength Training

Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis

Looking for an effective way to manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis? This course will teach you MS-specific strengthening exercises designed to improve your strength, balance, and overall functionality. You'll also learn how to exercise in a way that enhances your day-to-day activities and how to stay committed to your exercise routine.

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Kathryn L.

"I can not express, in words, how talented this woman is. The MSing link is a MUST HAVE! The exercises are easy and most of them you can do anywhere! The site is updated SUPER frequently so there’s always new content to explore."

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Basima B.

"Dr. Gretchen's invaluable posts and live interviews reflect her strong drive, moral support and ongoing concern towards MS patients worldwide."

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